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not quite rupetkov

tuesday festival july 12th 2016

Tuesday, July 12th is the time for the festival in the old pappersbruket in Fengersfors! We are proud to introduce artists to the first and hopefully not last Not quite RUPETKOV festival:

Vulkano is a exlplosiv post-punk-pop duo consisting of Lisa Pyk Wirström on synth and Cissi Efraimsson on vocals and standing-trummor. With two albums out and a third on the way, they have toured Europe and the United States. Live play by Oskar Carl (bass), Dennis Egbert (percussion) and Fabian Grytt (guitar). Vulkano is a band in constant motion and change. Pyk and Efraimsson is unafraid to experiment and always test the boundaries of sound and live show. You never know what you can expect from the band. 2014 made a documentary about Vulkano by Alexandra Dahlström. "All we have is now" went to the cinema in Sweden, was shown on national television and was featured at film festivals in St. Petersburg and New York. Hand in hand with the music makes the Vulkano film. To the first disc is a short film accompanying Neptune Moon. We are currently working on the film that will be released along with the next album in the fall. Alongside the band goes Efraimsson at the Royal Institute of Art and Lisa are filmcostume-maker.

Player powerful and headstrong folk hybrid that invites the audience to both dance and thoughtfully listening. After five years of touring HERD released in April 2016 his acclaimed debut album Altona. The self-written music inspired by klezmer, Balkan, jazz and Swedish folk music and together with the musicians' strong personalities and different musical backgrounds which the reviewers described as unique, playful, catchy and a very own kind. FLOCK must be experienced live -don´t miss them at Not Quite Rupetkov!

During the first half of 2016 played Growth in a range of songs in Fengerfors defunct paper mill, located in the valley country's ancient forests. This fall, the outside world must take note of these obscure wonders via an EP Lazy Octopus, vigilant named Color, Cut and Clarity. The trio lurking in the shadows, bode his time, fine-tune his craft. Bittersweet sensations of dimbeslöjade seascapes, frostbitten asphalt and endless spiral staircases. The tone is both fragile and threatening, slippery garage that never choose the easy way out. Open a door, close a window, choose your battle.

PIKELET (Melbourne, AUS) Evelyn Morris formed experimental pop outfit Pikelet in 2007 and has released three full-length albums, all of which have received great critical acclaim. Pikelet started out as layered experimental folk music and has traversed many musical territories over the years. Currently the sound is based around experimentation with synth, odd rhythms and found sound, all tied to a core melodic and harmonic focus. 
Evelyn has also been involved in many collaborations with artists and groups such as The Boredoms, for their Boadrum 10/10/10 performance. She's done soundtracks for short films, art installations and dance performances. As a session musician Evelyn has accompanied many artists such as Ariel Pink, Grand Salvo, Laura Jean and Frida Hyvönen.
In 2014 Evelyn was awarded The Age Music Victoria award for best experimental/avant garde act, nominated and voted for by her esteemed peers in the field. Recently Evelyn started the LISTEN group, a community effort at creating discourse and documenting the history around women's involvement in music in Australia. This project has created great changes within the musical communities in Melbourne and continues to grow and influence the way music is utilized in Australia.

I LOVE NOTE A Boy's I LOVE A cat's (ILNABILAC) electronic rhythms mixed with layers of voices and video ILNABILACs performance. The duo consists of sisters artist Kristina Burén (music / vocals) and Madelen Eliasson (Video).

Jono phono (SE)
Jonathan Malm who also make music in the band Baby Jesus offers us songs for children, pears and small animals.
Jono Phono have fingers bouncing on the organ keys like moose that feasted on fermented apples, and he sings like a life-happy beaver aspen just before falling into the river. The songs are often very spontaneously arose because of a need or just dazed feeling, in close association with sticky, wacky or just very sleepy children.

Dj for the evening!

Cost 200 SEK in presale, SEK 250 in the door.
Children up to 13 years, accompanied by an adult enter free.

You can buy a ticket in different ways,

1. Go to Not Quite store in Fengersfors and purchase a ticket as usual over the counter.

2. Call Not Quite Store at tel: 0532- 233 88, pre-book and then came another suitable day and pay / collect your ticket in Not Quite store.

3. Call Not Quite Store at tel: 0532- 233 88, pre-book and
Swischa then amount to
No: 1235441910
Mark your payment with:
NQR + your name and number of tickets you buy,
then do not hesitate to pick up the tickets at Not Quite store another suitable day or at the ticket office on the day of the festival.

4. Buy the ticket on the festival day at the ticket office, but at a little higher price 250 SEK.

Food and drink are on site! In collaboration with Not Quite Cafe and Bistro.

Keep in mind roam if you bring your tent, open sky and hostels nearby is also recommended if you want to stay and dance the night away.

Here are two great places to stay near:

Fengersfors bruk and Not Quite

This is an event with the support of:

A warm welcome!