What is the Carpentry?

The first thing you notice is the smell of wood, then the floorboards creak slightly. The chip suction starts and the dim saw starts working with its razor-sharp blade. Inside the bench workshop, the wood scent is replaced by linseed oil and someone hums along to the melody played on the radio. The last layer of linseed oil paint is being applied.

This building housed Fengersfor’s shop a long time ago, later the house was used as storage for the paper mill. Today, the building houses Not Quite’s collective workshop for woodworking.

In the carpentry there are 3 private studios, bench workshop, machine hall, painting and surface treatment rooms.
The carpentry is equipped with about 15 machines to be able to saw, plan, plane, grind, mill, turn and drill to process and join wood materials in various ways. There is also equipment for sharpening edge tools.

The members who rent a place in the carpentry shop make everything from apple picking ladders to customised furniture, construction-related projects, art, crafts and handicrafts. Most of them work in their own companies and on individual commissions, but sometimes also on joint projects.

Please respect that the carpentry is not open to Not Quite’s visitors, except on special occasions when advertised.