Open Call

Student spaces at Not Quite in Fengersfors during the summer 2022!

In the summer of 2022 the student residencies at Not Quite will be a bit different than before. We are looking for students who are eager to work with designed exterior environment. Preferably in a group who wants to experiment with material and expression.

Not Quite has acquired new premises and will, during the autumn of 2022, host a large European conference for the network Trans Europe Halles (

We now need to arrange exciting places for hanging, an outdoor kitchen, a mobile stage as well as other things.

The students participating in the project will receive guidance to some extent as well as guidelines and a budget for materials to adhere to, such as place, requirements etc. but then are free to work with the design. The students are also expected to work independently and to bring projects forward. The Not Quite premises act as a working place as well as a playground for its members. This summer we also want to invite others to play here.

Cooperations across the borders of different materials are encouraged!

Not Quite will pay for material. In your application you are expected to write a distinct description of your project as well as to make a rough budget for materials. Projects that are applied for by a group with an idea of how to design exterior environment will be prioritized

About Not Quite: In the heart of the picturesque mill town Fengersfors in the lake district of Dalsland Not Quite is located. Since 2002 Not Quite has been developing into a living, working culture center. 

Not Quite is an arts and crafts cooperative where ideas and encounters are made real. A place where professional roles develop and are challenged. We work in a norm critical way to create social, environmental and economical sustainability.

There are;
Shared workshops for carpentry/woodwork, wrought iron/metal. In addition, there is also various/limited equipment for working with clay/pottery and textiles. If you have any questions, ask us! Students will get one month with no rent in the workshops. If you wish to stay longer you pay rent for that time. 

Not Quite is a big network and here you will find a wide range of knowledge and experience among members and other entrepreneurs. There is also the possibility of getting help with invoicing and other financial issues. 

The form of the residency is that you choose the workshop, place and month. During the first week, someone will introduce you to the workshops, show you around the premises and answer your questions. In the remaining three weeks you will work independently. At the end of your guest period with us, you will be expected to show publicly in some way what you have been working with during the period, e.g. through artist talk, exhibition, performance. Your application is individual (you cannot bring an assistant).
You will need your own insurance.

You will have to arrange your own accommodation. Not Quite cannot provide accommodation, but to a certain extent, we can recommend accommodation at Fengersfors or in the surroundings of Fengersfors.

For questions:

Between February 28 th and April 17th 2022 you can apply directly here on the website.
Please enclose a pdf file with:

  • Describe your business / your artistry /practice
  • Describe the project you want to work with this summer and how much space you expect it to take in the workshop (Projects that are applied for by a group with an idea of how to design exterior environment will be prioritized)
  • Send pictures/films/documentation of previous work
  • State your references to prove your ability to work independently and in a collective context, and to prove your experience of the machines in the workshop that you would like
  • Describe your requirements/expectations of your stay at Not Quite.
  • Please include a photo of yourself (if your application is accepted the photo will be used for the members of Not Quite to recognize you in the workshops)

Fill in the form

Describe on the application what kind of workspace you are looking for. Beskriv i ansökan vad du har för önskemål på plats.