What are Strands?

At Strands, it feels as if time has stood still, here are leaflets and posters from the 80s, together with stickers from the building’s various companies. In the old boiler room it is pitch black and it echoes between the concrete walls while the light shines in through the green wooden arches in the windows.

In October 2021, Not Quite bought the former Strand’s carpentry. Here we are now developing new production sites for arts and crafts, in the form of collective workshops and studios, among other things. Here, dreams fly high and the possibilities are endless.

In the premises at Strands, we are planning and renovating a new ceramics workshop with a few more kilns, two different wood-fired ones and a raku kiln, as well as better premises for holding courses in ceramics.
A textile workshop which will be equipped with most things and a village workshop where it will be possible to carry out simpler carpentry and repair work is also in the works.

What is already there are some new studios, which have been created in the old apartment. But we still have a lot of working hours to put in before Strands can accommodate all the functions and premises that we are planning for.

Please respect that Strands is not open to Not Quite visitors, except on special occasions when so advertised.