Find accommodation

There are many great accommodation options near Not Quite. Here we list the ones we recommend in no particular order.

Fenger’s cottage

Fengers has four rooms and here we really want you to feel at home. Our beds are made with organic sheets. The rooms are decorated with vintage furniture and lamps we like and if you fall in love with something during your stay – everything is for sale.

Villa Weidling B&B

Welcome to a homely and personal bed and breakfast in the heart of Dalsland. The decor in all rooms is a mix between new and old, creating a unique and personal feeling.

Upperud 9:9

Welcome to a modern family hotel in an old mill environment. Sleep well in the grain silo, take a morning swim in the Dalsland Canal, hike the Pilgrims Trail with our delicious food package in your backpack and end the day with a swim and a refreshing drink at sunset on the jetty

Baldersnäs Manor

Here, turn-of-the-century charm is blended with today’s standards so that you can enjoy your stay to the full. There is plenty of room for relaxation and inspiration. Fantastic communal areas and dining rooms in an old setting, paired with modern hotel rooms, make Baldersnäs something unique.

Edsleskogs Wärdshus

We offer accomodation and restaurant in the middle of lakes and forests for everyone who likes to visit Dalsland for hiking, fishing, cycling, running or just likes to be here to discover the surroundings in a responsible way.