What is Fönsterverkstan? [window workshop]

A few glasses are on a high bar table, forgotten since the last gig. The benches in red and orange are lined up along the walls. The controls of the photo funds sway slightly in the breeze from the open door and the summer sun plays over the thousand drops of color on the floor that remind of other times.

During the time of the paper mill, this was a carpentry workshop, there carpentry work for the industry in the utility area was carried out. On more recently there has been a window workshop in the building, there manufacturing, renovation and painting of windows was carried out.

The premises is still called the Window Workshop [Fönsterverkstan] today, because it was once one, but nowadays this is where our photo studio with funds is located. The venue also houses events, film screenings, a cafe branch, course room, party room and lectures or other types of meetings.

In 2024, half of the Window Workshop will be transformed into Not Quite Gallery, as we no longer rent the premises where Not Quite Gallery and Shop used to be.