Welcome to Not Quite!

Not Quite is a parrot in the forest
Not Quite is a silver thread in the rag board
Not Quite is a little bit of New York
in the middle of the periphery

Right now

Now we’re up and running again!

As tradition dictates, we reopened on May 1 with the opening of a whole bunch of exciting exhibitions. More specifically, 10 pieces! The boutique is also open and filled with both things you recognize but also news. Until midsummer, we are open Wednesday-Sunday from 11-17.

The café also continues to thrive with its hearty working lunches and fluffy chocolate mousse. However, with a few other opening hours, so to make sure it’s open, have a look at the opening hours!

Find your way with our map!

The map shows an overview of the mill with exhibitions, the sculpture park, activities in the area, opening hours and other things that happen during the season. Available to pick up in the Not Quite boutique and at the entrance to the exhibitions in the factory.

What happens at Not Quite?

Click on the buttons below to see which exhibitions and events are shown or are in progress!

Most of the info is in Swedish (we apologize!), but opening hours and pictures can be absorbed even if you speak another language!


In response to COVID-19 we are staying up to date and are following the public health authorities recommendations and guidelines. Therefore, we ask you to be aware of changes in the program.

– Add your piece to the puzzle!

Through the BIT FOR BIT campaign, you can participate and contribute to the continued development of Not Quite’s operations in Fengersfors as a force field for art and culture in the countryside. Here you can add your piece to the puzzle.


Healing Heritage

The purpose of the project is to develop innovative methods for dealing with soil pollution with the help of plants. The technology called phytoremediation will be tested at Fengerfors mill and is a way of dealing with environmental pollutants in the soil.

The technology is new, but also gentle, which makes it possible to let artistic design influence how the plants are grown and shaped.
The project is part of the process The new mill site, where Not Quite drives the issue of the mill’s future development. Follow along with the process here www.dennyabruksorten.se


At Not Quite we have a voluntary entrance.
We gratefully accept your financial contribution!

Pay your voluntary entry via Swish to 123 402 6811
During the season, it is also possible to pay for voluntary admission in the Not Quite Store.


Opening hours

Current opening hours can be found here.

Guided tours & Field trips

Bookings and inquiries regarding guided tours and field trips are sent to info@notquite.se


Contact Us!


Fabriksvägen 2
662 95 Fengersfors