Notes on dusk


I graduated from HDK at Steneby in 2018 with a Masters in Applied Arts and Design and am currently based in Dals Långed, working primarily in wood. Creative output is an extension of our thoughts and a tool to express what can’t fully be defined through words. I believe in collaborative and individual efforts to pull out our unique experiences and competencies and so as to bring ideas to life. My work relates to organic growth and form, and is about challenging myself as to what a material can do. I work with light, the material, and surface detail to enhance and effect perception, in relation to strength, volume and space. References I collect and can relate to set up parameters for my work. I explore the elements I find most interesting and believe hold the most potential. I then interpret and develop these ideas to find my own design method and approach, which challenge the viewer’s perception of the material and techniques. Notes on Dusk is an exploration into how to be emphatic in our response to change. The work presented in this exhibition pushes forward my investigations into light and the material, and their dialogue with one another. As dusk is a marker of time within a day — by imposing an exaggerated simulation of dusk, I hope to effect a response and to reflect upon our routines, habits and outlooks.