The water & the boat


‘The water and the boat’ takes it’s name from the poem ‘A clear channel’ by Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas which talks of the end of a Nordic winter in a way very recognisable to those living in Dalsland. Seasonal changes are felt in the artworks of Laura Blake and Álvaro
Aramburu. Whilst Laura’s pattern and colour are influenced by her surroundings, the shape of Alvaros sculptures are informed by the natural features of the material itself. The pair met when studying on a Masters Course at HDK-Valand Steneby. They began working together
in 2018 over a shared interest in colouring timber. This resulted in the work ‘Baby’ which you see in this exhibition.

Laura’s background training in textile art and woodwork, leads her to often combine the two.
She develops palettes and forms from landscapes in her home in West Sweden, and when traveling. Her works are made to be touched, creating playful moments that connect people to their surroundings and each other. Her practice explores the most basic foundation of
craft, as a space where materials and people meet.

Álvaro works through functional and sculptural means, with furniture and carving as the keystones of his practice. Originally trained in industrial design, he uses functionality as starting point. His precise yet playful approach leads to work that is exaggerated so that it
questions its own stability and practicality.