What is the Smithy?

In the blacksmith’s shop, ears are protected from the hammer blows by hearing protections, the anvils are lined up in front of the smoking forge and the tools hang in long rows in their racks. In the bench workshop, a washing machine hums next to the large work table where the creation of a work of art is in progress.

In the days of the paper mill, this was a mechanical workshop for maintaining machines and tools. Today it houses Not Quite’s collective workshop for forging and metalwork.

In the smithy there is a bench workshop and machine hall.
The smithy is equipped with around 15 machines for cutting, turning, bending, sawing, drilling and grinding in order to process and combine metal materials in various ways. There are also hot forging presses and several types of welds. The machine hall is equipped with a traverse and there is space to build larger structures.

The members who rent the smithy, work on everything from everyday objects and works of art such as candleholders and sculptures, to larger works such as fences, gates and works of art for public decoration. Most work in their own companies and individual assignments, but sometimes also on joint projects.

Please respect that the smithy is not open to Not Quite’s visitors, except on special occasions when advertised.