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Not Quite is a parrot in the forest
Not Quite is a silver thread in the rag board
Not Quite is a little bit of New York
in the middle of the periphery

Right now

Now we have closed for a few months

We at Not Quite would like to thank all visitors for the 2023 season! It’s been a fantastic crowd and full speed, and we’re just as happy about that as always.
Our mill colleagues at the bakery Brukets godaste are open as usual. And if it’s any of us artists, crafters, writers, photographers…that you want to get a hold of, take a look at our members page ‘We are Not Quite.

Next year, starting April 27, 2024, there will therefore be some news, both in the café but also for our Shop and Gallery, which will be moved to new premises at the mill. Until then – check us out on our social media!

Poet Jimmy Alm reads a poem about Not Quite at this year’s opening on April 29.

What happens at Not Quite?

Click on the buttons below to see which exhibitions and events are shown or are in progress!

Most of the info is in Swedish (we apologize!), but opening hours and pictures can be absorbed even if you speak another language!

Concert February 17th: Filipsson Gamba Rangstad

February the first event of 2024 is taking place. The Stockholms-based band Filipsson Gamba Rangstad is coming to Not Quite. Daniel Filipsson has performed here before, then as LJUS (Light), and now he has new band with a brand new album that was released January 13th. When Daniel contacted me, Malin, he described the music as fictive instrumental film music which I really liked, yo can listen to it here https://open.spotify.com/
More info and tickets here

The Sloydtrukk

Not Quite’s Sloydtrukk is a craft workshop on wheels. A craft workshop that is available to those who need and want to craft. We will come to you! Book and read more about sloydtrukken.

Sloydtrukken rigged for craft.

News for the cafe

Now it is nailed down that the café operation will return to Not Quite. We are very happy that Not Quite members Malin Robertsson Harén and Ida Stelter will have joint responsibility for the café. Both are old in the context, Ida has worked for many years at the bakery Brukets godaste and Malin worked in the café for many years before we ran the concept with a tenant. A seasonal and varied menu with lots of local produce is what will be offered. It will taste delicious!

Malin Robertsson Harén and Ida Stelter

Food and coffee…

… and other things to put in your stomach! In Not Quite Café, you can find both light snacks and food. The cafe is now closed for the season.

Not Quite Café.

Pillow or cup?

Welcome to Not Quite shop!
In the shop you will find art and crafts created by Not Quite’s members. Our shop is now closed for the season. But you can always contact one of Not Quite’s members directly with a request for arts and crafts. You can find the members here!

Clothes made by Ulrika Aneer.


Healing Heritage
Soil purification with plants – how a problem becomes a new asset

At Fengersfors mill in Dalsland, methods are currently being tested to clean soil from heavy metals with the help of plants. A first display garden with soil-purifying plants opened at Fengersfors mill in the summer of 2022, and another one is to be made in the spring of 2023. The project has also mapped how the industry has affected the entire landscape between the two lakes Knarrbysjön and Ärr, which were used for the inflow of timber and the shipment of finished paper when the paper mill was up and running. In a landfill area southeast of the mill area, the so-called mesa field, a path with large ceramic works has been laid out. The previously inaccessible area is now possible to visit.

The project includes testing of phytoremediation plants, as well as a broader investigation of the relationship between industry, history, landscape and environment. A starting point for the project is to contribute to developing new forms for the cultural-historical environment to be preserved and accessible, and to create new public spaces in the countryside.

The reference garden, one of two display gardens in the Healing Heritage project.


At Not Quite we have a voluntary entrance.
We gratefully accept your financial contribution!

Pay your voluntary entry via Swish to 123 402 6811
During the season, it is also possible to pay for voluntary admission in the Not Quite Store.

Opening hours

Current opening hours can be found here.


Drive slowly in the mill area, there are a lot of visitors, children and animals at the mill. More parking spaces and parking for larger vehicles such as buses and camper vans are available as you continue driving past the first parking space and further into the area. Please do not park in front of doors or in spaces intended for workers or residents of the area.

Guided tours & Field trips

Bookings and inquiries regarding guided tours and field trips are sent to info@notquite.se


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