Welcome to Not Quite!

Not Quite is a parrot in the forest
Not Quite is a silver thread in the rag board
Not Quite is a little bit of New York
in the middle of the periphery

Right now

Welcome to Not Quite!

You can find our opening hours here.

Not Quite shop

Welcome to Not Quite Shop! Here you can find a broad variety of art and craft from over 20 different artists and craftsmen.

Book the Sloydtrukk

Not Quite’s Sloydtrukk is a craft workshop on wheels. A craft workshop that is available to those who need and want to craft. We will come to you! Book and read more about sloydtrukken.

Sloydtrukken rigged for craft.

What else happens at Not Quite?

Click on the buttons below to see which exhibitions and events are shown or are in progress!

Most of the info is in Swedish (we apologize!), but opening hours and pictures can be absorbed even if you speak another language!

Food and coffee…

Not Quite Café offers a seasonal and varied menu with very local ingredients. You can find the opening hours here.

Mesa path

The path around the mesa fields is now cleared and signs are up. Thus, it is again possible to follow the path trough the previously inhospitable mesa fields. Along the path you can see works by the artist and ceramicist Cordula Bielenstein-Morich.

Mesastigen is part of the work Healing Heritage – an interdisciplinary project where artists and researchers work together on questions about the cultural landscape of industry. Read more about the project Healing Heritage here. The information is unfortunately in Swedish.