Not Quite Student

Student membership of Not Quite non-profit organization. A membership for college students or those admitted to a college or a preparatory training in art, craft or design. As a member you will be able to:

  • Rent a collective workshop and a place in a studio
  • Use the invoicing service of Not Quite
  • Sell in the shop of Not Quite at a commission of 25% incl VAT (for further conditions see: Shop Agreement for Sellers)
  • Participate in After Work at Not Quite a few times/term with workshops, music, food etc.

The cost of the membership is SEK 150/year.
Monthly rent for a collective workshop is SEK 1750 + VAT
weekly rent SEK 800 + VAT
daily rent SEK 250 + VAT 

For invoicing service we charge 5% of the amount invoiced as commission, to cover administrative costs, insurances etc. This applies to all members of Not Quite. This service is used by anyone who gets an assignment and has not got his or her own company. Not Quite invoices the customer and pays wages to the contractor in the organization. Tax and social fees are settled by Not Quite and should be calculated in the price to the customer. Questions about financial matters will be answered by the Financial Officer of Not Quite. In the workshops there are insurances regarding furnishings and bodily injuries. We give an introduction in the workshop you have chosen and take it for granted that anyone who wants to use the machines in the workshop has undergone the necessary training for this. If you work anywhere else, e.g. with mounting, you must see to it that you have a liability and casualty insurance. It is important that you adhere to the code of conduct of the workshops. Studentmembers are also expected to take part in the various tasks of the different workshops, such as tidying and cleaning of the premises.

As a student member you do not have access to the communal marketing of Not Quite and cannot take part in communal exhibitions, meetings etc. If you wish to engage yourself further in the organization and take part in everything that is offered, you can make a full application, which will be processed during a board meeting of Not Quite Business Association.


Use the form below to apply for membership as a student.

Become a student member before February 29 th to be able to sell in the store 2024
När du skickar in detta formulär samt betalar medlemsavgift 150 kr till Swish: 123 5696091 Bankgiro 5021-5201 eller IBAN SE90 8000 0823 4700 3618 25 09 BICSVEDSESS, går du med på villkoren för medlemskap ovan och blir studentmedlem i NQ ideell förening. When you send in this form and pay the membership fee on swish 123 5696091, to our bank giro account 5021-5201 or IBAN SE90 8000 0823 4700 3618 25 09 BICSVEDSESS, you agree to the terms of membership above and become a student member of the Not Quite non-profit association.