Not Quite Café has been housed in the old forge at Fengersfors Mill since 2003.
The café is now run by sisters Evi and Mieke Renders. Evi is the chef and Mieke can be seen in the café.

“Our goal is to create a café/restaurant where people can meet and get together through food, drink and lovely atmosphere, with respect for the community and the planet.”


Evi has been a chef in Belgium and ran her own restaurant in Bruges for ten years and has worked in several socially inclusive kitchens.
Mieke has been running the international cultural network Trans Europe Halles for four years. Not Quite has been a member of Trans Europe Halles for many years and that’s how we got to know Mieke.

Evis and Mieke’s vision
“Not Quite is in full development and we want to contribute to its future destination with hospitality, good food, tasty hot and cold drinks and create a place for exciting meetings and pleasant socializing. The café is the place to be, where meetings are created, where people find Swedish cosiness, come for food and drinks, tell stories about the art they have just seen or brag about the bread they have just bought. The café is a welcoming meeting place, the place to be when you have visited Bruket, where you go after buying Dalsland’s best bread or where you ‘just’ come to hang out with your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family. We will offer nutritious good food and quench your thirst. After art as food for your soul, we will offer soul food for your body. ‘Love goes through the stomach’ and we will fill it with all the love we have”.


Here you can enjoy a hearty working lunch and a Belgian beer, a coffee or a refreshing ice cream. The menu varies from day to day but the basics are shown below. We always have a vegetarian and vegan option.
During the high season it is unfortunately not possible to book a table but there are plenty of seats in the park and also indoor seats.

  • Soup 60 kr – with bread 95 kr
  • Toast with cold smoked Håveruds salmon, smaller portion 100 kr – larger 150 kr
  • Toast with mushrooms, stew or fried mushrooms, smaller portion 100kr – larger 150 kr
  • Sandwich with cheese, ham or hummus 60 kr


Tel: 073 847 75 21

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